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Seymour Arm holds the unique distinction of being the only community in the Shuswap and perhaps the entire province that became a ghost town twice. 

In 1865, Ogden City became the location of a bustling boomtown 

serving travelers to the Big Bend Gold Rush on the Columbia.


With a peak population of 5000 residents and visitors, Ogden City had 13 stores, 11 shoemakers, 8 wash houses, 6 barber shops, 6 physicians, 6 saloons, 5 bakeries, 3 restaurants, 2 blacksmiths, 1 bath-house, 1 drug store, 1 stationery shop, and a livery stable. Unfortunately, the success of the town was short lived as it was destroyed by fire in the late 1860s.

A little while later (1910) - English developers rebuilt the town complete with a post office, school and hotel and named it Seymour Arm. They attempted to promote the area to settlers primarily coming from England and boasted of the potential of the area for growing fruit. Within one year, Seymour Arm had a population of over 200, making it the largest community on the lake after Salmon Arm. In 1915, the first fall fair was held on the town wharf in front of the hotel.  The displays included produce, flowers, fruits, crafts, and baking and besides the entrees from Seymour, they also came from Albas, Sorrento, and Anglemont.


Reality began to strike between 1914 and 1916, when many settlers left to fight in World War I, leaving their families behind to suffer financial ruin. Adding to the calamities, in 1916 a severe frost hit killing most of the fruit trees. As a result, the developers declared bankruptcy and most of the settlers were forced to leave and most of the land reverted to the crown for lack of tax payments. The hotel closed in 1925 and by 1940 the town was largely abandoned, save for a few remaining settlers. Today the hotel and one of the orchard-era mansions remain as historic sites, and the current locals enjoy Seymour Arm as a retirement and recreational community and has been home to Daniels Store and Marina since 1963.

Out and About Seymour Arm

Silver Beach.jpg

Silver Beach Provincial Park

Silver Beach is located on the west shores of the Seymour Arm just before the entrance to Bughouse Bay. This provincial park is blessed with puffy, white sand and rests in an attractive setting of Douglas fir and aspen.

Things to do while at Silver Beach: Picnic, Hike, Swimming, Boating and enjoy relaxing on the beach!

CAUTION: Shallow sandbars occur in front of the main beach, so if arriving by boat – a safer deeper area for approach and mooring is to your right along the shores of Bughouse Bay

Seymour Arm1.png

Bughouse Bay

Located at the very northern end of the Seymour Arm, Shuswap Lake – this tranquil bay is nestled at the base of Longridge and is the home of Daniels Store and Marina – a floating liquor and general store!

Things to do while at Bughouse Bay: Visit Daniels Store to rent kayaks and/or SUP boards or to grab a treat! Also Swimming, Boating and Fishing, or just enjoy relaxing on the surrounding beaches!


Local Art Galleries

There are 2 local art galleries:

1. Longridge Gallery just north of the floating Daniels Store that specializes in art by Czech artist Josef Plorecky and is run by his daughter, Mila Wheeler.


2. The John Burrow’s Gallery is located at Dansiers Bay and his artwork has appeared on UNICEF cards.

Seymour River Falls.jpg

Seymour River Falls

Always remember to be mindful of your surroundings, pack out what you pack in, stick to the trails and Happy Exploring!

Seymour River Falls: A lovely (short) hike through Old growth Cedar and Hemlock with multiple viewing angles of the Seymour River and surrounding canyon. This large river goes rushing down and drastically drops into the canyon. Although these falls are not very tall, the power of the river is what's so spectacular!

Things to do while at Seymour Falls: Picnic, Hike and explore, Fish (catch and release only)

Directions: Follow the Forest Service Rd #1100 past the Seymour Arm town site. At the 15km marker cross the Seymour River. Stay left and go approx. 0.2 km to the wide spot in the road. Look for a minimal marker on one of the trees and an obvious path on the left (west) side of the road. Park and follow the short trail down to the falls. The falls can be heard from this site. There is also a trail to view the falls from the other side – entrance to the path can be found on the left (west) side just before crossing the Seymour River bridge.

CAUTION: This trail has varied terrain and children should be closely supervised and pets kept on a leash. Exercise extreme caution and stay back from edges of canyon.

Albas Falls.jpg

Albas Falls

Always remember to be mindful of your surroundings, pack out what you pack in, stick to the trails and Happy Exploring!

At Albas Provincial Park there are a series of five falls with a circular hiking trail that includes a log bridge and great terrain. Albas is named after the original settler Alfred Bass, the trapper who lived there before it became a logging camp with a water-powered sawmill. Rusting parts of the old mill still remain next to the creek, and you can still view the grave of Alfred Bass at the Seymour Arm Cemetery.

Directions: Located at approximately kilometer 31 of the Seymour Forest Service Rd

Things to do while at Albas: Picnic, Hike, Swim, Fishing and enjoy relaxing on the beach!

CAUTION: Bears are frequent visitors in this site. This trail also has some steep, rough sections with sharp drop-offs. Children should be closely supervised and pets kept on a leash. Serious injury and deaths have occurred in this area due to adjacent waterfalls, changing water levels and fast currents.


Smurf's Country Kitchen

Smurfs Country Kitchen:  This quaint restaurant is run by a lovely local resident nicknamed “Smurf” who serves up a hearty helping of homemade breakfasts and lunches. Her primary goal is that when you leave the establishment you are Full and Happy.

Some dinner meals and party trays available as take away – ask server to discover available options. Also


Address: 1531 Nittel Rd



Call to confirm hours: (250) 833-6377


Daniels Store and Marina


Daily During the Summer from 9 am - 8 pm

Labour Day to Thanksgiving from 12 pm - 5 pm

Off-Season: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 2 pm - 4 pm

This floating (and charming) general store offers a large variety of food options. From fresh, everyday basics such as bread, eggs, milk and produce to a smorgasbord of sweets and treats! We also rent SUPs, Kayaks, and Jet Skis! – there is something for everyone at the store!

Liquor Store • Cold beer • Ice • Fresh Groceries • Sweet Treats • Souvenirs • Fishing Supplies • Gifts • Auto and Marine Gas • Propane refills • Moorage • Paddleboard and Kayak Rentals • Jet Ski Rentals • free Wi-Fi and cell service


The Wheelhouse Resort & Pub

The best (and only) bar in Seymour Arm – celebrating lake life and beach bums! Dave & Jackie, new owners of the Wheelhouse, have been busy beavers upgrading and renovating!  Stop by for great food and drinks and enjoy the local lifestyle!

Address: 1296 Daniels Road – located beside the community Boat Launch.

Summer Hours:

Wednesday & Thursday:  11 am - 11 pm

Friday & Saturday: 11 am - 1 am

Sunday:  11 am - 11 pm

Seymour Hotel.jpg

The Seymour Arm Hotel

This old seven room hotel was built in 1910 and in its heyday also served as a restaurant that hosted a 65 seat dining room. This hotel oozes charm and still retains much of the original character if you happen to be one of the privileged few to receive a tour. Some locals believe it to be haunted by a former female guest but don’t worry the hotel is no longer operational.

 Address: 1160 Abbott Road

Collings Mansion.jpg

The Collings Mansion

This 13-room home was built by Charles John Collings, who came to Canada from England in 1910 with his wife and two sons when he was in his early 60's. It's believed Collings (a famous watercolour painter whose works are in collections at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Banff's Whyte Gallery and other private collections) was looking for a remote property where he could paint and where his sons could farm.  

All of the materials for the estate were brought in by boat, and then transported by horse and wagon where everything was then built by hand. It is said that the Collings family lived in a tent for a year while the house was being built.

During the following two decades, the Collings family settled comfortably into pioneer life as they developed their property into an English style estate, complete with their Tudor mansion, formal gardens, cultured dinner parties and piano concerts. Collings continued to provide income through his paintings, which were sold primarily through the Carroll Gallery in London. Meanwhile, his sons worked in logging and construction, kept bees, smoked salmon, hunted for wild game and for a short time even operated a small fruit cannery under the name Seymour Arm Brand. Carl became adept at photography and Guy was a skilled cabinet maker and constructed most of the furniture for their estate.

Collings passed away in 1931 and his wife followed him in 1936. His sons never married, but continued to live on the estate. Carl was sickly and died young in 1950 while Guy lived until 1976. In his later years, Guy opened the estate to the public and gave historical tours.

When Guy passed away the house was passed down to his good friend John Rivette. The Rivette family still owns the property today and the grounds still have the original flower beds, fruit trees and tudor rose garden in place. Rumor has it that it may one day reopen as a local bed and breakfast – but to date, nothing official has been announced.

Address: Same road as the Hotel - Abbott Road

Don Fink.jpg

Don Fink Community Park

Don Fink Community Park is named after Don Fink (a well-known and admired local resident of Seymour Arm, who was tragically killed in a 1997 train derailment).  This community park is a great choice for family or group gatherings.  With a ball field, swing set, horse-shoe pitch and volleyball area, the recreational opportunities are abundant. There is also a picnic area, toilets, garbage receptacles and recycling bins for convenience.

The Ballpark is key to the community and hosts the locals weekly horseshoe game, the community Farmer’s Markets and August Long Weekend Slow-pitch tournament aptly named The Sizzler.

Don Fink Community Recreation Park is on land owned by the Province and operated by the CSRD

Address: 1155 Abbott Rd

Water Purification.jpg

Water Purification Plant

The community installed a water system from Bass Creek, to enjoy clean mountain water piped to their homes and cabins. It also offers free filtered drinking water from the taps on the front of the community water station.

Please note that Seymour Arm is under a permanent “boil water advisory” due to the fact that there is only filtration available for the local water. It is not treated with any chemicals or UV lights.

Locals and vacationers would agree there is no better water!


The Mailboxes

Located between the water purification plant and Don Fink Field, the local mail is received twice weekly on Tuesday and Saturdays.

Did you know...?  There's a rumour going around that new mailboxes will be installed in the near future!

Did you know #2....?  Daniels Store and Marina now offers postal services!

The shelter around them also serves as the town’s public notice boards for events, advertisements and even the local lost and found!

Community Boat Launch.jpg

Community Boat Launch

The Seymour Arm Wharf is located beside the Wheelhouse Pub and close to the Water Purification Station.

The Seymour Arm Community Association has been tasked with maintaining and repairing the local wharf and all users are asked to submit a suggested donation into the red box at the start of the dock.

Community Hall.jpg

Community Hall

The community hall was built in 1971 on land donated by the pioneer Daniels family and has since been renovated and improved.


From 1988 until 1996, the hall also served as the local school for school-aged children in the community. In fact, the owner of this rental cabin was one of the children in attendance during that time.


It now houses a small library, provides space for clubs and meetings, hosts weddings, dances and parties and Sunday services. The community gathers there for holiday brunches and dinners, coffee houses, and ball games in the adjacent field.

The Hall is available to rent and details can be obtained by contacting the Seymour Arm Community association.

Address: Seymour Arm Bay Road

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