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UNRAVELLED by Lynne Fulton

I love that wool is a shape-shifter, willing to be ravelled, unravelled, and transformed, daily, like  nature, like people.

My first experience with the transformative power of felting wool began with a sadly shrunken sweater. After grieving a beloved garment, I realized the possibilities that this “mistake” presented.  The more I work with felting, the more these possibilities continue to unfold, or rather, unravel.
My roots are on a farm in Mara BC, deep in the ground.  My childhood connected me to the land and planted the seeds of planting seeds and creating things.  For necessity, for beauty, to nurture and to share.

I have called Seymour Arm BC my home for many years.  The natural beauty of this place inspires me in every moment.  The water, the wind, the woods, and the wildlife are always there and yet never the same from one day to the next.

I love the flow of the river, the freshness of the snow, chocolate (oops, that just slipped in there), the uncountable stars in the clearest darkness, the electricity of a summer storm, and the song of rain on my window as I fall asleep.

I can be found in my garden pulling weeds, on the water paddling my kayak, on the “Main” jogging or cross-country skiing, or on my couch, unravelling a ball of yarn.

Every day I make things.  Sometimes because I need to, to survive.  Sometimes because I need to, to live.

Life is good.


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